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history of the company

Peeshgaman Peech Pars Company, with the abbreviation PPP and 3P, has started its activity in the field of producing all kinds of bolts and nuts in accordance with international standards such as ISO DIN – ASTM – ASME – BS, with the capital of the private sector, for the past two decades. Also, this company, having a factory with an area of ​​3000 square meters located in Shams Abad industrial town with expert and experienced staff, is among the suppliers of top industrial companies including oil and gas industries, petrochemicals, construction industry, steel industries, It joined power plant and water and sewerage and became one of the largest and most prominent Iranian companies in this industry, which always produces and supplies the best products in terms of quality with a commitment to customers. The field of activity of Pishgaman Pitch Pars Company is the production of all kinds of bolts and nuts in grades HV10.9 -12.9 – 10.9 8.8 – 5.6 -316 (B8M) – B7 – B7M – L7 – L7M – B16 – 2H – 2HM – G4 – (B8 ) 304.

Now, this company relies on the ability of committed, specialized and experienced experts in a specialized laboratory, equipped with devices with modern technology, separately tests the quality of manufactured products and enters the market with the approval of the QC unit.

One of the important goals of Pishgaman Pitch Pars Company is to produce the best products in compliance with environmental laws, because we believe that sustainable development means harmony and compatibility with the environment. In this regard, we hope that while respecting the rights of the customers who are actually the main capital of this company, by maximizing domestic production, we will take effective steps towards national self-sufficiency in the bolt and nut industry of our beloved country and make Iran proud in the world markets. let’s make

Our vision

Becoming a national model in the bolt and nut industry by relying on a reliable brand, capable and committed employees, up-to-date equipment, to conquer the domestic market and compete in global markets.

Our mission

Peshgaman Pars Screw Company is a well-known brand in the field of bolt and nut production, with the benefit of human capital and modern knowledge, to provide comfort and confidence to the artisans and the society.

The mission and goals of Peshgaman Pitch Pars Company

The pioneers of Pitch Pars sustainable development consider it their mission to provide good prices using superior technologies through the supply of quality products. Pishgaman Pars is proud to continuously improve its business with highly specialized knowledge, motivated, creative, expert and responsible human resources and to upgrade all its processes in order to satisfy customers. It is this attitude that justifies the creation of economic organizations and dictates specific quantitative and qualitative goals.