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As one of the largest bolt and washer manufacturers in the country, it is our duty to improve the quality and reliability of bolt and nut connections produced in Iran. In order to achieve this goal, we continuously put new projects and activities on our agenda and pursue continuous quality improvement. Due to our expanding commercial and technical connections with the largest companies, we can use new technologies to supply our innovative products to create added value for our customers with the best quality and price.
We intend to raise the quality of life of Iranians and the competitive position of our company to a higher level

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+9821 55424220 (10 special lines)


+9821 55424220


Central Office

No. 104, Faraji Passage, Qazvin Square, Tehran - Postal code: 1336614973

Factory Address

No. 11, Hashtroudi Blvd., Mihhak 8, Shams Abad Industrial Town