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Pishgaman Pithch Pars Laboratory

Rebar tension test video 28
Hexagon bolt tension test video

Lab environment

Pishgaman Pich Pars company’s laboratory is built in an area of 120 square meters and includes three separate sections: preparation room, expert room and test room, which are completely isolated in terms of temperature and humidity conditions.

Tensioning device
100 ton tensioning devices for performing tensile tests, PROOF LOAD, measuring the percentage of relative elongation, percentage of reduction, checking the strength of the skeleton

Hardness measuring device

Universal hardness tester for hardness measurement in Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers scales

Micro Vickers hardness tester

Micro Vickers hardness tester to measure surface hardness and measure hardness at points 1, 2 and 3 to check the amount of decarbure, carburide and also the difference between surface and core hardness

metallurgical microscope device

Metallurgical microscope to examine the structure of raw and hardened materials

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mounting and polishing machine

Mounting device and polisher are among the equipment for preparing bolts and nuts for testing.

cutter device

The cutter device is one of the preparation equipment bolts and nuts are for testing.

Other laboratory equipment

Portable hardness tester for measuring hardness on parts with different sections that cannot be tested with other hardness testing methods and equipment. Caliper, micrometer and laboratory indicator clock. Coating thickness gauge device, ELCOMETER cross cutter to measure coating thickness and also check the adhesion of coatings. Pre-tensioning force measuring device, special wrench for tightening and applying force to screws

It should be noted that all the equipment is calibrated by centers approved by the Iranian Qualification Center (NACI).

Test results report

In addition to the tests it performs in its laboratory on screws and nuts, Pishgaman Pars also entrusts this to third-party laboratories in order to verify the quality of the tests.

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