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What industries are solar washers used in?

There are various types of washers that are used today in the industry as well as different structures. Basically, the use of washers next to bolts and nuts is essential from the point of view of engineers and experts in science and technology, and it helps to maintain the durability and stability of connections as much as possible.

One of the most widely used types of washers is the solar washer. Solar washers, which are also called star washers, have prominent toothed edges that are like vanes and prevent them from sliding and moving when installed between bolts and nuts. In this way, the connection between the bolts and nuts becomes stronger with the help of the solar washer.

The solar washer greatly contributes to their strength by sinking the tooth-shaped edges into the surface of the connections. For this reason, today in many advanced and industrialized countries of the world, solar washers are among the best and most widely used washers for use in industrial or construction matters. Therefore, buying and selling solar washers in the world is booming.

The application of solar washers, especially barbed solar washers, is usually in petrochemical industries, electrical industries, automobile industries, and also in metal structures.